Who We Are

As the Director of Marchbanks Consulting Ltd, Tom Marchbanks has brought together his many years experience of working internationally, helping companies to access new export markets as well as expanding their existing operations, and has supported foreign companies find the right UK location for their investment project.


This venture is borne out of a passion to give companies the confidence to start their exporting journey. From guidance and direct technical support to connecting you with productive overseas networks; from providing essential cultural guidance to signposting you to additional sources of help and funding.


Marchbanks Consulting Ltd is here to help.

Now more than ever, the UK needs to build a broader more capable exporting base across a wider range of markets.

With our knowledge, we can help companies take the first step and with our in-market experience and insight, we can help you build a sustainable exporting model.

Tom Marchbanks


Tom Marchbanks has spent decades working internationally. He successfully led diverse, multi-cultural teams in India, China and the Middle East, delivering export support to British companies looking to enter/expand into these markets. Tom also engaged with foreign governments and corporations, providing them with guidance and support as they looked to invest and locate into the UK.